Manufacturing of Amikinos kibbles

Our kibbles are manufactured exclusively for Amikinos by GA Pet Food Partners. Our kibbles do not exist elsewhere with another brand name.


GA Pet Food Partners is a family business based near Manchester in England which specializes in the manufacture of kibble.

We chose to have our kibbles manufactured by GA Pet Food Partners for several reasons:

  • Their expertise: Not all kibble factories are capable of manufacturing our kibbles, in particular because of their low carbohydrate content. GA Pet Food Partners, to our knowledge, is currently the factory which allows us to have the recipes closest to what we would want if there were no manufacturing constraints.
  • Their manufacturing technique: GA Pet Food Partners uses a very unconventional extrusion technique but is more respectful of the ingredients than conventional extrusion (more details in our following article: La fabrication des croquettes). Here is a video showing how Amikinos kibbles are extruded:

  • Their ingredient supply network: GA Pet Food Partners has built up a network of partners producing quality raw materials which allows us to use the best possible raw materials for our kibbles in our recipes.
  • Their rigor: At GA Pet Food Partners everything is scrupulously controlled. The ingredients arriving at the factory are checked before being used in the manufacture of kibble. During the manufacture of kibbles, multiple samples are taken and analyzed to ensure that each production complies with the declared specifications. Here is a video showing the analysis process used in the factory laboratory for each arriving ingredient to determine whether or not it can be used:

  • Their ethics: Despite the large size of the company, GA Pet Food Partners remains above all a family business. It is a company with real values as we have seen on numerous occasions.
  • Their environmental commitments: The fact that our kibbles are manufactured by GA Pet Food Partners in England is, of course, an environmental fault. This inevitably lengthens the journey of the kibbles by truck so that they are delivered to us in our warehouse in Souvigné. However, this does not necessarily mean that the environmental impact of our kibbles would automatically be better if they were produced closer, in France for example. Indeed, we must take into account the environmental impact as a whole and producing slightly further away in a factory with a lower environmental impact can be just as good, or even better, than producing closer in a factory with a lower environmental impact. superior. However, what GA Pet Food Partners does on an environmental level is for us what is currently being done best in kibble production factories. Find more details by consulting our following page: Environment