A fair price

A fair price

The Amikinos manufacturing costs are inevitably higher than the competitors. Our ingredients are more expensive. Our eco-friendly manufacturing process is also slower. So how can we stay price competitive ?

  • Because we are organised differently.
  • Because we work differently.
  • Because we spend less.

A direct distribution.

Our distribution network is a lot simpler and much more direct than our competitors. We sell directly to consumers.

This is also a more eco-friendly distribution as it uses less fuel.

But actually, this also a necessity for us since our pet food has a shorter preservation period since we do not use any chemical preservatives.

Less intermediaries, less distribution costs – the result; a better value for money.

Reducing overheads.

Amikinos is a small company composed of passionate, versatile and motivated people.

  • No costly marketing department.
  • An inexpensive well thought communication scheme.
  • There is no sells department with a fleet of vehicles with travel expenses.
  • No supposedly free gift adding considerable amount of expenses which inevitably would impact the price of our product.

Dogs and cats fed with Amikinos are the best communication we can have – results do not lie and we thank all the customers that brought us countless new costumers, hence helping us keeping our costs to a minimum.

When you buy a bag of our food, you pay for the product, and that is very important to us, Since the beginning we decided that providing the best food possible is not enough if only a few can have access to it. We will always try to keep our prices as low as possible.